Inside the Hut

Horrorhut has been a collaboration between producers/directors and lifelong friends Patrick Farmer and Shelby Jones.


It is an anthology-style horror/suspense show cast in the same mantel as legendary show ‘Monstervision’ hosted by Joe Bob Briggs.


The show has seen multiple iterations since work began in 2007. There have been several re-shoots and recasts as fluctuations in availability and interest are inevitable in a production as long running as it has been.


In the earliest versions of the show, Producer Shelby Jones himself was the host!


In 2018, the ‘new’ Horrorhut production began in earnest, with co-hosts Dro and Kara bringing independent horror home to viewers again, just like the good old cable television days.


On this page, you can see some relics of this long running show and its history. We have come a long way and we are so happy to have something worth sharing and keeping alive for the horror community today.