Patrick Farmer

Patrick is the original creator of the Horrorhut Show concept. Inspired by the work of Joe Bob Briggs' Monstervision series on TNT and various other horror anthologies, he has worked since 2004 to make his dream of directing and sharing a platform for independent horror a reality.

Lee Copley

Lee is Patrick's cousin and a long-time supporter of the Horrorhut idea. He is the host of the Cage Fight podcast and a frequent collaborator on the show and author of reviews (where he only reviews movies with a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 50%).

Shelby Jones

Shelby, original host of the first failed Horrorhut attempt, is a producer and lifelong friend of Patrick's. He does the heavy lifting on the tech and production sides of the project.

Alejandro Villanueva

"Dro" is our co-host and music producer for the show

Kara Petterson

Kara is our co-host on the Horrorhut Show!

Dakota Thomas

Dakota is a long-time friend and collaborator with Shelby & Patrick. A well established director in his own right, Dakota has graciously assisted in the relaunch of Horrorhut by providing many of his original works to showcase. He also is a producer on the show.

Ollie Jackson

Friend and contibuting writer to the Horrorhut host segments, Ollie is a native of Fulton, KY and is a good friend of the production crew.

Waylon Bacon

Waylon is a director and creator who was one of the very first to sign up for the experiment that was Horrorhut, offering his short "Bob" for feature almost 14 years ago. He has gone on to create many interesting movies and is a frequent contributor to the series.